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Virtual fitness that works wherever your team works

Racefully for Business is a significant wellbeing benefit that will motivate, encourage and engage your employees. Racefully helps to drive meaningful connections amongst employees by building an engaged community, strengthening company culture and supporting employees with their physical and mental wellbeing.

Reasons to Invest in wellbeing

- Engage current staff members and strentghthen company culture

- Build a sense of community and collaboration

- Retain your best talent

- Attract new talent to your business

The Racefully app will inspire and motivate your employees to build positive habits and behaviours, keeping them engaged and encouraged to stay fitter, healthier and happier!

What is Racefully?

Racefully provides businesses with a platform that everyone can use, whatever their fitness levels, and no matter whether they are fully remote WFH, hybrid working or regularly in the office. By supporting your team’s wellbeing and providing the platform to participate in purpose-driven individual and team goals, your company will be better able to acquire the best talent and keep your people both engaged and motivated.

We support companies by providing an interactive, gamified and virtual fitness platform, which allows employees to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Main Features

  • Physical activity tracker & monitor
  • Virtual company tribes (private company groups for Running, Cycling and Walking)
  • Real-time gaming-style leaderboards
  • In-app Tribe challenges, driving participation
  • In-app group private chat functionality
  • Social sharing feature
  • Seamless onboarding and registration process
  • Co-branded engagement dashboards
  • Dedicated Account Manager/Client Success member

Racefully is offered on a subscription basis which allows businesses the flexibility to opt for 3 different options

How much does it cost?

3-month access: from £14.99 per employee

6-month access: from £24.99 per employee

12-month access: from £39.99 per employee

With Racefully your team can will take advantage of:

Seamless integration: no special technology or software is needed to integrate the Racefully app and intranet platform with your existing systems.

A community of healthy, productive employees: support your teams’ fitness goals by giving them their own Tribes. Empower Tribe leaders to set creative challenges for their Tribes, and celebrate as everyone achieves their goals together.

No barriers to entry: whether you’re an athlete or someone who just wants to keep fit, you can enjoy using Racefully whatever your fitness level.

Progress tracking: employees can keep up to date with how their Tribes are progressing via intranet leaderboards and status updates.

Easy communication: in-app live messaging lets your Tribes stay connected. Send pictures, motivational messages or just chat – Racefully gives you the freedom to communicate with your Tribes in whichever way you want.

Key benefits of Racefully

“It is great to see that people in the company across our European and US offices are using the app and are looking after their wellbeing” (COO)

Client Testimonials

“We can clearly see the participation from the engagement data and it is very impressive to see”

(SVP of HR)

“We were able to build creative and interactive challenges to keep our employees engaged and encourage health & wellbeing throughout the pandemic. Racefully was great for connection building and meeting new employees across the company.”

(Events Specialist)

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