Revitalise workplace wellness with Racefully

Health is wealth

One of the most powerful ways to boost productivity, profits and engagement is by investing in employee wellbeing.

But how do you one-up the big dogs attracting employees with their own shiny perks?

By offering something new and better. And that’s Racefully! 

Why choose Racefully?

Stand out from the corporates offering cliché perks like discounted gym memberships and yoga classes. With Racefully you can enjoy:  

Seamless integration: no special technology or software is needed to integrate the Racefully app and intranet platform with your existing systems. 

A community of healthy, productive employees: support your teams’ fitness goals by giving them their own Tribes. Empower Tribe leaders to set creative challenges for their Tribes, and celebrate as everyone achieves their goals together.

No barriers to entry: whether you’re an athlete or someone who just wants to keep fit, you can enjoy using Racefully whatever your fitness level.

Progress tracking: employees can keep up to date with how their Tribes are progressing via intranet leaderboards and status updates.

Easy communication: in-app live messaging lets your Tribes stay connected. Send pictures, motivational messages or just chat – Racefully gives you the freedom to communicate with your Tribes in whichever way you want.  

Others who have enjoyed Racefully

“Racefully finds you a pack to run with. Run virtually in real time wherever you are in the world.” 

“This is perfect for runners who hate to hit the pavement alone.”

“This clever app lets you run virtually, in real time, with your own tribe of race mates from anywhere on the planet.”

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Transform your business into a magnet for world class employees by giving them a wellbeing package they can’t refuse.

Healthy, motivated employees are essential for the success of any business.

Businesses can create special groups called “Tribes”, which encourage employees of all abilities to keep fit together through completing fun group challenges set by Tribe leaders. 

Grow together

Racefully is an innovative, award-winning social fitness app which enables you to walk, run, cycle, snowboard, or ski virtually with other Racefully users across the globe. 

What is Racefully?

Achieve your goals

Everyone gets rewarded with badges and achievements which celebrate their success along the way, and Tribes can even complete challenges to raise funds for charities of their choice!

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