Download the Racefully app with your colleagues and friends, and create a virtual tribe where you can walk, run and cycle together in real-time, even when you're miles apart.

Yes you can do that too.

Team conferencing? OK.

Team chat? Yep.

Team fitness?

Remote working checklist

Create a Racefully tribe for your company and get everyone exercising together, wherever they're based.

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Could your company do more to support your remote workforce?

In the era of working from home, Racefully provides a fantastic opportunity to enable colleagues and remote workers to exercise and keep fit together by sharing progress goals, fitness routines and exercise schedules.

Racefully encourages employees to engage in physical activity, but also gives them the opportunity to socialise within the company too.

Your employees can exercise together using the app, support and inspire each other through the app’s tribes feature, and share the enjoyment of achieving shared fitness goals.

How can Racefully work for your business?

One of the most powerful ways to boost productivity, profits and engagement is by investing in employee wellbeing

How does Racefully work?

Walk, run, cycle, ski or snowboard with friends and colleagues virtually.

Regular audio updates from inside our app, that will speak over your music if you want to be kept informed.

The app lets you keep track of whether you’re keeping pace, falling behind or confidently taking the lead.

Set your personal goal for how far, fast or often you want to work out and track your progress.

Help to inspire friends and colleagues to reach their own fitness goals, and set group goals to reach together.

We'll take into account whether people are running uphill or freewheeling downhill to make sure group activities are fair.

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